To Build a Throne

After the Raina

IT’s been some odd few days recently.

Jaroslaw went back to Oleg’s, in hopes that Jhod would be able to heal whatever was wrong with him.

While he was away, we went to explore a bit more land, and look for a few of those things people had been asking us for.

We went boar hunting, but the boar got us as much as we got it. Raina’s dead now. If I believed in omens, I’d say that was a bad one. She’s the first of our little group to die. As we were dealing with her death – Cez digging her grave – Hugin spotted a bear. A giant bear.
We moved Raina’s body to the old bandit camp, were atleast it would be off the ground, and then went after the bear. When we got to it, it went after Cez. In a big way. I honestly thought we were going to loose him too, right there. But he pulled through. Physically anyway, he seems to have taken Raina’s death pretty hard.



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