To Build a Throne


Following the encounter with the dead bridgekeeper, we turned north.
Hills as far as the eye could see, moslt naked and barren.
On one particularly barren hill was a tree. Raina claimed someone had been there, though I honestly could not see how that place was any different from any of the other hills for miles around.

Still, we dug into the hill where she pointed, and something was indeed burried there.
A book and some small wand. The wizard seemed interested, so we let him have both.

The following day we found something shiney in the hills. Gondlir claimed it might be valuable, but I doubt it. Wizards have odd ideas of value!

At this point we decided to enter the forest. We’d visited Oleg’s to bring them a couple of boars we’d caught, and had been told how there we still bandits. Garess and his men had had to drive of several ‘scout’, and while we’d thought banditry had gone down (since we haden’t seen any bandits), it appeared to have gone up instead.
Clearly the bandits were hiding in the forest.

In the forest, we came upon some kobolds. I tried to reason with them, but the little critters charged me! The fight lasted almost a minute, but we got them all. not that I noticed the wizard doing anything useful! We then sent Raina’s bird to the Levetons with the raddishes – Svetlana had asked for them – while we kept searching the forest for bandits.

And we found them. I’m amazed. It’s been over 2 weeks since we encountered the first bandits at the trading post. But Raina still managed to pick up their tracks in the river clay. We knew there’d be trouble and the spellcasters prepared for it. Spells were cast.
Gondlir had his raven scout ahead, and told us what to expect. They expected us to come by the trail. So we didn’t.

3 went down from magic before they noticed anything. Then we attacked. Jaroslaw almost died. Would have died if Raina hadn’t been there. We took 3 prisoners. The rest died. In the end, we brought all of them back to the trading post for interogation. Maybe if they talk, we won’t have to hang them. Still, we’re going to have to go through more of these woods I suspect.



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