To Build a Throne

Bandits and Kobolds

When we finally got to the trading post with the bandits, there was a bit of celebration. Aparently these were the rest of the ones that had threatened the Levetons. We questioned them, and got several pieces of information from them.

They served someone they called the Stag Lord. Almost certainly the same person as the one mentioned by the Dead Man by the broken bridge. The bandits claimed this Stag Lord lives in a fortress near a lake they call the ‘Tuskwater’. This left us with a minor quandry. Clearly this Stag Lord character was responsible for the organized banditry in these parts. But the Tuskwater is south of the lands bounded by our charter. If we simply went south and killed him there, wouldn’t we be as guilty of murder as he? Jaroslaw was all for it ofcourse, and Gwendoline gave some pretty good arguments. but for now, I think I’ve managed to convince people that we can’t. Not now anyway.

Garess has mentioned a thief and mercenary named Falgrim Sneeg. I think maybe he could be the Stag Lord?

These were howerver, the bandits that had taken Svetlana’s wedding ring the first time they’d robbed the Levetons. It wasn’t in their camp however and they claimed it had been stolen from them by creatures they called ‘mites’. I must admit my inexperience with such, but Gondlir claimed to know about them. I persuaded the group to go to the mites the next day. To distract them from the Stag Lord, as much as anything.

We rode off the next day. The bandits had provided a fair description of where to look for these mites. And we found them.
Actually, the first ones we found were dead. Dead kobolds too. Perhaps the mites are taking care of those for us? There has been mentions of kobolds being aggressive in the hills.

Then we encountered a warparty of mites. It seems a hilarious concept in retrospect, but at the time we just got off our horses and made a defensive position. The spell casters went for their crossbows. I think Gwen got two before she had to put it away. Then they were upon us. Gondlir had clearly figured out how to make that wand work though. Still, I must admit I don’t understand why they all mentioned expecting such a tough fight? None of these mites had the wedding ring though, so we had to keep looking for their lair. We ended up spending a night, watching that old tree, just to be sure that that was were the mites came out. We killed the warparty ofcourse. Or rather, the spellcasters did. Crossbow practice seems very important for spellcasters these days.

After the sun came up, we searched the area again and found the entrance.

I don’t particularly fancy reliving that again. Fighting on two front is always bad.
They didn’t notice us right away. But ofcourse Jaroslaw had to charge the first thing he saw. And eyll loudly while doing so. The fool! The whole thing would’ve been even worse if Gwendoline hadn’t decided to guard our rear, I’m sure.

We searched the warren, but no sign of the ring. There was however a prisoner. A kobold. I must admit I disaproved. Kobolds are evil little creatures. And now we’re saving one?
But the spellcasters insisted. They claimed to be able to speak whatever heathen gibberish the little spoke, and that we might be able to find out why the kobold were so restless. Which seemed good to me. I was sure Jaroslaw would’ve objected, but he seemed very tired after that fight of his.

Funny how Gwendoline spoke in a much deeper voice than the kobold, but they did get us information.



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