To Build a Throne

A New Beginning

A New Hope?

This has already become a different task than I thought it would be.

When the elders of Restov offered me a charter to explore the Stolen Lands I almost said no. Only pride made me take it. I thought I was offered an honourable death against bandits, that no-one need hear more of the Incident. but it seems I was wrong, for I am not the only one who was offered this charter.

I now travel with 4 companions.
Jaroslaw seems easy enough to understand. A warrior, and a mercenary if my guess is right. I’m sure he’s here for either money or as a punishment. More likely the former.
Raina I’m less sure of. She’s a nature lover, but rough and gruff. Not at all lady-like. And that bird of hers? Why it’s as large as I am!
The last two seems to know each other. Brother and sister perhaps? If so, surely there’s a story there, for one is half an elf and the other isn’t.
Which is actually interesting. The other men in the party are both fully human, while the women are both half elves I believe. Most curious.

But be that as it may! We arrived at a small trading post west of Restov, via the South Rostland Road. Two people live here, Oleg Leveton and his wife Svetlana. The reception was somewhat mixed. She was happy to see us, he perhaps less so. And they had a bandit problem no-one had mentioned.
I offered to help ofcourse and my companions agreed, much to my relief.

I talked the Levetons into telling us all they knew and all they suspected. Armed with this knowledge, we set up a trap for the bandits.

I was hoping the wizard would have an easy solution, but he claimed his magics were ill-suited for tasks like taking bandits alive and so he ended up hiding one of the towers with his crossbow. We let the bandits in, and closed the gate behind them. I can’t say I am entirely happy with our ambush tactics and the willingness of my new companions to kill, but by all accounts these bandits are murderers and evil-doers and our main priorities had to be the safety of the Levetons.

The wizard acted as spotter and his signal was to shoot one of the bandits – not fatally, but nearly so. I charged their leader ofcourse, and struck him down with a single textbook blow (crit!). Jaroslaw did much the same with another bandit, though he claimed his blow was poor!
Raina’s bird got one, leaving just the one the Wizard had winged.
He tried to run. But he was too close to Jaroslaw. Never turn your back on that man – his blade is fearsome. Seeing what he did to this one make to believe his comments about the first attack being merely glancing, he fully split the fellow in twain!
And then they were all down.

The Levetons were most please! They insisted to rewarding us, and even agreed to let us keep the horses. Which made for another problem. Only 4 horses, but there’s 5 of us. Still, Svetlana insisted we could keep them in their stables for free, and Oleg declared he would make sure to get an extra horse for us within the week! He also made us a list of outstanding offers of reward from the nearby area – or further afield.



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