To Build a Throne

Bandit Camp Blues

So, I nearly died.

A brush with death changes how a man looks at life they say. I wish it was my first. I used to work as a mercenary, so sadly I don’t have that luxury.

We’ve travelled a lot recently, seen a lot of hills, a fair amount of forest. A few bandits too I guess. Not as many monsters as I’d feared. Which is probably a good thing to be honest, as they do tend to target me. Which is OK I suppose. Makes sense, big guy with a big sword and all.

We found the bandit camp. I was all for killing them all, but the wizard said he could maybe knock some of them out. Wasn’t that what he couldn’t do back at the trading station? Anyway.

We killed their leader and about half of her minions. Took some prisoners. Tied them up and took them back to the trading station. Let Garess decide their fate. But not until after they’d talked. So we had to walk while they were on horseback. Great.

Remember when I mentioned how the monsters target me? Not just me though.
We got jumped by a big dumb monster. I think the wizard called it an owlbear. Big frakker anyway.
Came out of the blue – how could a thing that big hide like that? Anyway, it disembowled my horse. Crushed the prisoner ofcourse – And now I have to get a new horse!

Anyway, we killed it and got to the trading post. Luckily Oleg had a spare horse to sell, so that wasn’t too big a problem. Sadly when we asked, the lady-in-charge wasn’t the Stag Lord. And the booze was for him, so he’s real enough. Though a monster from what they tell. Man with a skull for a face? Some wierd kind of undead maybe? We should’ve brought a priest!



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