To Build a Throne


Is this thing normal around here?

Exploration. It is our charter but is hardly the most exciting thing to do.

We returned to Oleg’s after about a week as agreed. The promissed horse was there, and so were new people.
The guards Oleg had requested had arrived, under the command of one Kesten Garess. Presumably of the Garess family, though not one known to me. Still, he is welcome, if not very talkative.

The other arrival is one Jhod Kavken. A priest of Erastil! Such exalted company is ofcourse most welcome. He spoke of a lost temple to Erastil, somewhere in the south. Later in the evening, he warned us that it might be guarded by a giant bear. Still, I have no fear, and hope we will find it!

Having spoken with him, we set out the next morning with fresh supplies, quickly exploring what remained on the northern plainsland in our charter. From here on, things will be more of a challenge I fear. We found a corner of what turned out to be the Shrike river and decided to follow it into the hills. Here we came across what remained of a bridge. There was a bell and I rang it.

Imagine my surprise and horror when a corpse came crawling out of the river! I was already preparing for battle and am sure the others were as well, when the dead man spoke. He claimed to be victim of a crime, murdered by a bandit he called the Stag Lord. He demanded that the corpse of this bandit be thrown into his river.

I’m ill at ease, both with bargaining with the dead and with having promissed the death of a stranger. But this Stag Lord is a bandit, and banditry is punishable by death in these lands. Indeed our very charter not only empowers us to do so, but remind us, making it our duty.

I fear I will not rest easily for a while yet.



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