To Build a Throne

How it all started

Jaroslaw reminisces

How things change.

Less then a month ago, I was a mercenary. Since then, I have been thrown in jail for a crime I didn’t commit, pardoned, and given a charter of exploration, only to discover that I shared that charter with 4 other people.
Cezlaw is a fighter like me I think, though he talks like a priest. Also, I wonder what’s with the spikey-blue hair? Raina’s not much to look at and probably nearly as strong as I am, but I think she’ll stick around longer than any of the others. Tough as nails is my guess.
Though I wonder where she got the bird!

The last two are … off. Both spellcasters I think. I thought at first they were a couple, but now I’m thinking maybe brother and sister? She’s certainly easy on the eyes, but what in the name of the Unmentionable is a little girl in a flower dress doing way out here?

Anyway, we beat up some bandits and made the locals happy. Big deal apparently. But now we’re real explorers! Going through terrain and mapping in out. Just easy stuff so fair, wide opend plains. We saw a wird doggy thingie and met a mad old potion brewer. Not sure I’d drink any of his potions though. Eww.

As we were heading back though, we came upon a giant spider. It wasn’t that hard to kill it, but as we went through it’s lairwe found another of those silver amulets the bandit’s leader had. I wonder if they mean something special?

Forget what I said about a little girl in a flowery dress! She’s really a a monster or something!
She claims it’s a magical servant, but I honestly think she’s possessed. Or something.
Still, if the wizard can keep the monster under control…



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