To Build a Throne

Death of a Friend

I still don’t know what to think of the whole deal with the kobolds.
Perhaps because I’m still not sure I understand – or even know – exactly what happened at the kobolds’ lair.
It was an old silver mine. There was a sign. After that, who knows what happened, not I, I don’t speak the language. Gwendoline explained it all to me, but I’m not sure I’ve caught it all.

Worse yet, our company has split up. Temporarily I’m sure, but still.
Jaroslaw wasn’t feeling well at all, probably after being bitten by … whatever that odd creature was. Also, we had a peace treaty to take to Restov, and so Jaroslaw decided to go to the trading post for a some R&R, bringing news and treaty with him.

Be that as it may, we had other things to do. Our charter still was to explore the area, and Jhod Kavken has been asking for traces of a lost temple. There’s also a Benzen fellow who’s put a reward on a specific boar – it took his leg – and we were open to the idea. If we could find either.

We went up to the bandit camp on the Thorn River. Partially to see if anyone had been there since we were there last. No-one had, so we continued south the next day. We found Tuskgutter – or rather he found us, a day later or so. He charged us out of the undergrowth and hurt Raina’s horse badly. She managed to get off in one piece, but the horse was running. Everyone else dismounted and prepared for battle. It got Raina. I healed her and it just gored her again. It was horrible. I… I’ve seen many deaths. Caused my fair share I’d say. Trying and failing to call Raina back to life again was … different. If only Jaroslaw had been here, I’m sure she’d have lived still. I can’t blame him – how could he have known. And yet.

I’d already started digging a grave for Raina when the wizard… No. his name is Gondlir. I’ve known him for too long now. He is Gondlir, not ‘the Wizard’. When Gondlir warned us that his familiar had spotted an unusually big bear to the north-west of us. So I picked up Raina’s body and we moved back to the bandits’ camp, where there were platforms to put her on, while we went looking for the bear. With any luck it was the temple guardian Jhod had spoken of.

It was. But it was hostile. I had not expected that. Luckily it charged at me, the only truely armoured target. I’ll be honest. The bear vented its wrath on me and I barely survived. Indeed I would surely have perished if not for the gift given to me by the divine.

The place is full of serenity, and brought me healing. But it did little good for Raina. She’s still dead, and there seems to be nothing we can do about it.

And just to rub salt in the wounds, on the way back to Raina, we got ambushed by something that Raina had called a Shambler. We’d seen one before, which is how I know, but back then we just ran away. This time it was more insistant. I’m thinking it smelled Raina?



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